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Marketing Services for a Physical Product and an Intangible
6 months ago


Marketing services basically refers to the advertising and public relations activities undertaken by marketing professionals to promote their companies and their products. Marketing services are also referred to as marketing communications agency. The purpose of marketing services is to create awareness, build loyalty, and increase market share. Services of marketing reach far and wide and cover almost all aspects of business life. Services of marketing are essential for all types of organisations and businesses.

Marketing services can take various forms. These include public relations, advertising, promotional, merchandising, and distribution. Overall marketing is a specialized branch of advertising. Marketing services emerged as a separate discipline of marketing from the mid-1980s, after the realization that the public's different interests required different approaches than that of products. Although marketing services have various natures, they are primarily concerned with meeting the marketing needs of the customer in terms of price, timing, and message. Thus, best content writing services  provide an effective interface for the customer with the marketing firm.


Marketing research and analysis are among the most critical aspects of marketing services. Research enables firms to establish target markets, design effective campaigns, and evaluate effectiveness. These campaigns help firms establish their place in the market, determine the costs of production and extend distribution channels to earn revenues. Marketing firms undertake market research that helps them analyze the present market conditions and how they may be manipulated to achieve pre-defined objectives. Some of these objectives may include identifying opportunities to improve product quality or reduce costs, increasing customer loyalty, increasing sales, enhancing company reputation, and attracting new clients.

There are two basic factors to be considered when formulating an overall marketing plan and these are product and budget. An effective marketing strategy will depend on both of these factors. It is not unusual for marketing services to undertake market research as part of the overall marketing plan. The market research will enable the firm to identify what the public wants and how they want it delivered.  View here for more details about these services.


In some cases firms use different marketing methods to gain different advantages. For example, a physical product may be advertised while a wholly digital service may be promoted using the same medium. In addition, there are varying degrees of marketing services according to the nature of the product or services being sold. In other words, physical products can be advertised while intangible goods and services cannot.


A good example of an intangible product is a website. Marketing firms may work in conjunction with web designers to develop and launch a website. Web sites need to be developed in such a way that they encourage traffic and lead to sales. Thus, a marketing services partner can advise the company on the type of webpage which would achieve its purpose. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing.

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